Continuous Sampling

Switching Between Screening and Sampling According to CSP-1

Continuous sampling is used for the inspection of products that are not in batches. The inspection is done on the production line itself, and each inspected item is tagged conforming or non-conforming. This procedure can also be employed to a sequence of batches, rather than to a sequence of items (known as Skip Lot Sampling).

Below is a chart that describes the CSP-1 Procedure. The procedure consists of alternating between the two phases of screening and sampling, according to two switching rules.

To learn about the number of items/batches that will be inspected under screening until switching to sampling, and vice versa, click on the relevant arrow or rule.

 One inspected item/batch found non-conforming 
Screening (100% Inspection)
Sampling (a fraction f is inspected)
 i consecutive items/batches are conforming