Sampling by Variables - Military Standard 414 Tables

The MIL-STD-414 application has been vastly improved. You can now design plans for both known and unknown variability, and the application has been completed to include all three types of inspections. Give it a shot!

This application designs a sampling plan for variables, according to the Military Standard 414 tables (Similar to ANSI/ASQ Z1.9, BS6002, ISO 3951) tables, for a given lot size and AQL. It also calculates the estimated percent defectives in a lot, given the known or estimated variability.

For the ANSI/ASQ Z1.9 tables click here.

More about acceptance sampling plans.

Enter your process parameters:
Variability Unknown
Select "Unknown" if you plan to estimate the variability from the sample. Select "Known" if it is given or you know the variability from historical data
Batch/lot size (N) The number of items in the batch (lot).
AQL The Acceptable Quality Level. What to do if my AQL is different?
Inspection Level Determines the discrimination power of the plan (level)
Type of inspection Depends on the quality history (type)

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